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VAST™ Clinical Trials

How to Participate

In order to expand our knowledge base surrounding the use of VAST, it is our intent to collect data across several sites. At the present time, the videos available through SpeakinMotion have included elements of what has been learned via trial and error. Additional data can either support what has been suggested in preliminary trials or suggest changes that will improve use of the technique. Participation in a clinical trial can be with a single subject or multiple subjects. All trial videos to be used in data collection will be provided by SpeakinMotion. Each participant would be required to provide their own iPhone or iPod touch.

Subject Characteristics

There are no pre-qualifying characteristics for participants in clinical trials. The VAST program was developed to address the needs of the nonfluent/apraxic population and has not been addressed in other populations. This would not preclude other populations from participating, but a description of both motor speech capabilities and level of language functioning is necessary. For every participant in a clinical trial, the following is preferred:

  • Background/history/demographic information: age, time post onset, educational level, native language, site of lesion, amount of SLP intervention (preferably with information as to previous and present approaches to rehabilitation), statement of hearing acuity, handedness, and any other pertinent medical and personal history
  • Any existing or known cognitive correlates
  • A standardized aphasia assessment and an apraxia battery for each subject

Protocol Overview

Each site will be provided with the same videos to be used for collecting data. Data collection will be done via completion of Likert Scales pre and post use and via completion of rating scales by sophisticated and unsophisticated listeners. Listeners will rate speech parameters pre and post practice with the trial videos. These ratings can be done through video recording or live. Participants will be asked to complete self-ratings related to satisfaction and confidence. Generalization of the technique will be observed via a personalized script created for each participant; individuals’ ability to spontaneously produce responses to personal questions will be measured pre VAST and post VAST practice. Each participant will be required to chart amount of practice on a tracking form which will be provided. Length of the clinical trial may vary according to the site and the individual participant, and will be determined by either a specified time frame or by achieving a specified goal with the prescribed video. Any additional anecdotal findings will be welcomed and included in the findings report.

There has been a good response from professionals willing to participate in clinical trials. We will include as many sites as possible. All the data collected will be compiled, analyzed, and shared with the participants. It is our intent to create a community of users - all of whom will benefit from this shared effort. If you wish to participate in clinical trials please contact us at