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Survivors & Caregivers

VAST™ History

Pioneered at the
Stroke Comeback Center

VAST was developed and tested at the Stroke Comeback Center in Virginia, in collaboration with Winston J. Lindsley, an early pioneer of the approach. Winston uses many different aspects of technology to help him communicate, but, more than anything, he wanted to be able to actually speak. He began to record the mouth of his speech pathologist carefully speaking scripts and whole speeches. Then he carefully followed the movements, and he could actually speak all the sentences.

Winston began by putting the recordings onto DVDs that he could load into his computer to take with him. When iPod’s became available, it was far more convenient to download the scripts onto the iPod. The iPod also supports ear buds, giving him auditory feedback, which is so critical for people with apraxia. This technique has been so successful for him, that he wanted to share it with as many people as possible. Winston began speaking at conferences and stroke support groups around the world – in the U.S., England, the Middle East and Australia. Winston remains motivated to share his success stories.

As further investigation into Winston's techniques were conducted at the Stroke Comeback Center, the VAST program was born. VAST was presented at a number of professional conferences with great interest. Many people wanted to know how they too, could use VAST. Though the technology is available, it requires the appropriate equipment, software and technical knowledge to make it all work. Additionally, it requires someone who can record the scripts with a consistent rate and rhythm. Even with all of these abilities, it can be an ongoing hassle.

This is a primary reason why SpeakinMotion was created.

Our online platform will provide convenient options for exploring content, creating content and downloading content onto a mobile device. Through our service, people everywhere can take advantage of the VAST program.

The VAST program has continued to evolve at the Stroke Comeback Center with ongoing trial programs to learn more about who it works best for and under what conditions. Variations in the recording, playback and usage procedures are being studied to help make VAST as widely applicable as possible.