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Howard Snyder

Stroke Survivor

Written by Howard on SentenceShaper®

The iPod touch helps me to talk immensely. I’d like to use it all the time, playing one movie after the other. I use VAST in lots of places to help me communicate.

For example, I use VAST at my favorite restaurant Atwater’s. I use it to help me order food. I tell others what’s good on the menu. I like to order pecan pie or cake but I can’t say it without reading lips. So I use the iPod touch.

I have also used VAST to participate in my family Seder. I was unable to participate in the Seder for the past ten years. At Passover I wrote a speech about Moses on my computer. My wife, Judi, read the story and we recorded her lips. The video was edited and downloaded to my iPod touch. I practiced a few times and then I presented the speech before the Seder meal. My family was amazed.

I serve on SCALE’s Board. I use VAST at SCALE’s Board meetings to organize thoughts that I want to share. I create a written narrative on my computer and then we put it on the iPod touch.

I have also used VAST to share funny memories with friends. I wrote the story about my fraternity days. I played the story for my friends. We all had a good laugh.

In the future, I’d like to use VAST to share famous speeches and share funny jokes. I want to record stories for special occasions and share good memories and good wishes. Lastly, I will use this technology to educate others about aphasia.

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