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Custom Recording Service VAST Models

In our 3+ years of trials, experimentation and collection of user feedback, we have found the mouth model for VAST videos to be of the utmost importance. Specifically, models must have the ability to maintain a consistent rate and rhythm, articulate precisely and perform controlled oral movements. Following are the steps we have taken to deliver top-notch quality in our models and maximize our users’ success rates:

  • First, under the guidance of speech professionals, we have taken the time to establish performance standards for all of our mouth models – for both model selection and the ability to maintain consistency across videos
  • We audition and screen potential mouth models through a multi-step process
  • Selected mouth models undergo further training by a speech-language pathologist, helping them conform to our set of performance parameters

Provided below is a sampling of our professionally trained mouth models...

SpeakinMotion cannot guarantee a specific model for custom recording requests at this time.

We are continually training existing models and seeking new ones. Therefore, the model used in any single custom recording video may not be represented here. In selecting new models, we strive to achieve a standard that is comparable to the samples provided above.