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Custom Recording Service

Use Cases

Sooner or later, most users of the VAST™ program want a unique script – for customized therapy or to deliver a personal message… users want custom VAST Video recordings!

SpeakinMotion provides these custom recordings to meet each user’s varying needs. With features such as varying speeds and inclusion of text, we are able to truly customize an individual’s VAST video to improve their likelihood of success. We have found that many people with Apraxia or non-fluent Aphasia are able to deliver short messages or even long speeches with the assistance of their custom VAST videos.

Personalizing your VAST video is a great way to share your thoughts with loved ones. Caregivers and family members have given testimonials of how special it was to hear their loved ones SPEAK at a special event. See Mary’s Daughter’s Testimonial as an example.

Where could you use a custom VAST video?

  • Special Occasions: Anniversary, Birthday, Promotion, Retirement, Bar Mitzvah, etc.
  • Speeches: Business Meetings, Toasts, Commencement Speeches
  • Personal Messages: Phone Messages, Special Message to loved ones, Life stories

There are obviously many more life situations where a custom VAST video would be useful. Let us know how we can help you personalize your experience with the VAST program.

Customize your VAST therapy lessons:

After working with our users, we realized that customizing the content to fit each individual’s needs or interests is critical in keeping users’ attention over longer periods. We have found this to be especially true with children.

Customize SpeakinMotion’s canned therapy samples to meet individual’s specific needs:

  • VAST Autism 1 – Core App (Syllables, Words, Phrases, Sentences)
  • VAST tx –Therapy Samples App (Compound Words, Familiar Sentences, Word Triplets, etc.)
  • VAST Songs 1 – Intro App – (What songs interest you?)

Short Sayings: Some of our users are unable to make longer speeches and would like to practice with VAST videos on a subject that interests them. Many users want several short sayings that are unique to them.

While we will be providing more VAST therapy lessons on our platform, we realize that users still want to adapt VAST videos to their personal therapy plan. You may wish to refer to our apps for further ideas.

Please let us know if we can assist you in customizing a therapy lesson plan using VAST video.