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Custom Recording Service


SpeakinMotion had always intended to provide a custom recording service, but after working with our VASTâ„¢ trial participants, we realized how important these custom recordings were to our users. The VAST trial, developed by Darlene Williamson M.A., CCC-SLP, has been implemented in over 12 test sites in 3 countries. As part of the trial, SpeakinMotion created a custom recording for each participant which described a little bit about themselves. With some practice, it gave the participant the tools to give a little summary about themselves in a functional situation (like a cocktail party). Soon we were getting more and more requests from participants who had unique messages they wanted to tell. This service has empowered many people with speech disorders to speak at a wide variety of venues.

This custom recording service is in line with the practice of script training. Script training is an approach currently being used successfully across a variety of clinical settings. Scripts created by persons with speech disorders are written and repeatedly practiced to facilitate automatization. The VAST approach adheres to this same principle of instance theory of automatization in a unique way. The complete sequence of oral movements speaking a predetermined script is video recorded to be used as a visual example to be followed by a non-fluent speaker. The content of the script can be created by the individual or SLP to meet their communicative needs.