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VASTtx - Therapy Samples $9.99. Download on the App Store. For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
VASTtx - Therapy Samples, Screen 1 VASTtx - Therapy Samples, Screen 2 VASTtx - Therapy Samples, Screen 3 VASTtx - Therapy Samples, Screen 4 VASTtx - Therapy Samples, Screen 5

VASTtx - Therapy Samples contains therapy videos that provide simultaneous visual and auditory input of precise oral movements, from professionally trained models, which have been recorded at a rate, rhythm and precision level that allows individuals with significant Broca’s type aphasia or Apraxia to simultaneously produce oral movements for connected speech.

  • Detailed and extensive VAST Program guidelines and tutorials
  • Option for Written Text in the USING SPEECH section
  • Developed from over 3 years of clinical trials by multiple SLPs
  • Many remarkable success stories from VAST Program participants

The content and procedures contained in this app were developed by Darlene Williamson M.A, CCC-SLP, the founder and executive director of the Stroke Comeback Center. She brings more than 25 years of clinical experience, with specific expertise in motor speech disorders. The VAST program was developed and piloted under her direction. It has produced extremely positive results, allowing individuals to speak full sentences, with a more natural rhythm than they would otherwise be capable of achieving. Furthermore, individuals with no prior experience or training have succeeded with this approach.

The app is divided into two sections:

  • BUILDING SPEECH – designed to help an individual both master the technique and build motor speech learning. In this section you will find a progression of videos that take the user from Basic speech patterns to full sentences.
  • USING SPEECH – contains a selection of connected speech videos that can be practiced, once the technique is learned, and used functionally. These videos may also give users ideas for using VAST videos in common functional situations.