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VASTtx - Key Words $12.99. Download on the App Store. For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
VASTtx - Key Words, Screen 1 VASTtx - Key Words, Screen 2 VASTtx - Key Words, Screen 3 VASTtx - Key Words, Screen 4 VASTtx - Key Words, Screen 5

VASTtx - Key Words uses VAST videos to support best-practices in delivering speech therapy for acquired Apraxia and non-fluent Aphasia. The app is designed for users to learn and practice the basic motor speech patterns necessary to produce all of the consonant phonemes.

  • In-depth guide for SLPs to assist in implementing this app into their practice
  • Contains all consonant sounds in a carefully chosen order
  • Structured playlist samples – “sound family” lists and samples for contrastive practice
  • Randomized practice to challenge the motor speech system
  • Many remarkable success stories from VAST Program participants!

The content and procedures contained in this app were developed by Darlene Williamson M.A, CCC-SLP, the founder and executive director of the Stroke Comeback Center as part of the VAST program. She brings more than 25 years of clinical experience, with specific expertise in motor speech disorders. The VAST program was developed and piloted under her direction. It has produced extremely positive results, allowing individuals to speak full sentences, with a more natural rhythm than they would otherwise be capable of achieving.

The VAST videos in this app allow users to see the movement while hearing the sound by itself, then in a key word and finally in a phrase. The tutorials and guides in this app allow for easy implementation into any speech therapy plan.