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VAST Autism 1 - Core only $4.99. Download on the App Store. For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
VAST Autism 1 - Core, Screen 1 VAST Autism 1 - Core, Screen 2 VAST Autism 1 - Core, Screen 3 VAST Autism 1 - Core, Screen 4 VAST Autism 1 - Core, Screen 5

VAST Autism 1 - Core was designed for individuals on the spectrum who are non-verbal or have minimal verbal skills due to a motor speech planning disorder such as apraxia. This app combines the highly effective concept of video modeling with written words and auditory cues to help individuals acquire relevant words, phrases and sentences so that they can speak for themselves. The VAST videos have been highly effective in encouraging individuals with autism to attend to a communication partner's mouth and articulators in the natural environment. For children and individuals with strong visual skills, this can be a key to developing speech.

  • Nonverbal children began word approximations within weeks
  • Therapy often carries into daily communication and learning continues in a natural manner
  • The mirror feature promotes oral motor sequencing and self-monitoring
  • Randomized practice to challenge the motor speech system
  • Used in therapy groups, or on an individual basis

Lois Jean Brady MS, CCC-SLP developed the protocol and relevant VAST videos after trialing with her students and colleagues. The videos are organized into a hierarchy of 5 categories beginning with syllables and ending with sentences. Each video gives a spoken target utterance that is preceded by the written word(s). Each word, phrase and sentence is concrete and has meaning that can be generalized and practiced throughout the day. Providing the written word will prevent a student from labeling a picture of a frog jumping as "go," a person laying on a mat as "break time" or labeling a swing as "weee." The ability to recognize the written target word(s) will increase functional communication and enhance acquisition of spoken language.

The progression of VAST-Autism Videos is as follows:

  • Syllable Repetition
  • Single Syllable Words
  • Multi-Syllabic Words
  • Phrases
  • Sentences

User Reviews

Surprised by the response!

"This unique app combines research and best practices. Quite frankly I have been surprised by the response of my clients. One of my preschoolers with Autism went from scratching and biting to being calm, climbing up in my lap totally engaged and making attempts at verbalizations."

- Phyllis S. Watson MS, CCC-SLP

A Must Have!

"The principles used in this app work superbly. Hearing the words while seeing the mouth move has helped put 1 and 1 together for many kids, and they have actually started to verbalize some basic words. While those who have not, are definitely mimicking the mouth movements with attempts of verbalization.
A must have in the arsenal of assistive technology tools. Professionals as well as parents and caregivers will find this app indispensible."

- Oonie