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Frequently Asked Questions

What does SpeakinMotion do?

SpeakinMotion provides a way for everyone who can benefit from VAST to do so, with a much smaller investment of time and money. We will provide the following services:

  • An online software platform that allows you and your speech-language pathologist to manage your video-based content
  • The ability to playback your personalized video content online
  • Ability to sync your video content with your mobile device for offline playback
  • You may order DVDs of your personal speech content for home practice
  • Pre-recorded scripts that can be used for common life communication. For example: "Hello. I’m calling to let you know that I am sick and will not be able to keep my appointment today."
  • Pre-recorded speech practice videos
  • The ability to work with your speech-language pathologist to create and download custom speech therapy lessons
  • You may submit custom script requests which we will record and make available to you
  • You can upload your own speech videos to our platform

What does it cost?

There will be a subscription fee associated with our basic service. We would like for VAST to be available to as many people as possible and therefore will be making every effort to keep fees very reasonable. Additional fees will likely apply to premium video content (such as full speech practice lessons), custom script recording services, DVD recording services, mobile device specific software, and multi-user sites.

The basic idea is that there will be minimal to no cost associated with trying the technique. If you benefit from this technique, the basic service will be reasonably priced on a monthly basis, with no long-term commitments. If you’re no longer benefiting, you may discontinue your subscription. In fact, we hope to see many people graduate from our service as they regain their ability to speak!

Can't I use VAST on my own? Why do I need to use SpeakinMotion?

If you have the technical tools and knowledge, you can certainly use VAST without SpeakinMotion by recording and processing your own video. We understand that many people are not interested in, or capable of acquiring the knowledge required to implement this technology on their own. We are striving to make our service as easy to implement and use as is possible.

Even for those with the capability to implement this technique themselves, we feel that SpeakinMotion offers a number of advantages:

  • Using our tools, you can be more efficient throughout the process, from video recording and editing, to processing, to storage and delivery
  • Our platform will provide access to premium training content and useful everyday scripts
  • Our platform will connect you to a community of users with whom you can share video, new programs and successful use scenarios
  • We will provide access to a professional script recording service that provides high-quality video using trained speakers

Do I need training or therapy to be able to use VAST?

This is a very interesting question. VAST was developed over a period of a few years at the Stroke Comeback Center. The survivors who field tested VAST had all been involved in apraxia groups learning to pair sounds with mouth movements. Therefore, it was thought that this kind of therapy was a prerequisite to successfully using VAST. However, many people have now held an iPod with mouth movements on the screen and have been able to follow the movements and speak a series of sentences on the very first try. Of course, VAST may not apply to everyone, but it seems as if most people will be able to use VAST with no prior specific training.

Why wouldn’t I use a written script and just hand it to someone?
Why wouldn’t I just record a script and let people listen to it?

The answer to this question is very straightforward – there is no substitution for being able to speak the words. Everyone wants to be able to speak. It is not always possible, but, in those instances where a means can be provided to actually say the script, it is empowering to actually speak rather than allowing a written message to speak for you.

Why does VAST work?

When someone has apraxia of speech, or a non-fluent aphasia, one of the key components to overcoming the difficulty initiating the correct speech movement is visual cueing. Visual cueing means being able to imitate mouth positions and movements by looking at them. Being able to imitate mouth positions and movements is a central component of speech therapy for apraxia. The recorded mouth movements on the screen of the visual device provide this visual cue. In addition, the words can be heard through the ear buds. Combining this auditory feedback with the visual cues provides the necessary tools to speak in a continuous way.

Who can use SpeakinMotion?

We believe there will be a variety of users of VAST. It has been field tested only with stroke survivors with apraxia. However, there is reason to believe that VAST could be useful for a variety of communication impairments. If you think it might help you, please contact us.