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The Stroke Comeback Center (SCC) was founded by Darlene Williamson, MS CCC-SLP in 2005 as a nonprofit corporation focusing on stroke survivors and families. SCC offers stroke survivors a variety of programs including computer assisted training. The origins of VAST can be traced to the SCC, specifically Darlene Williamson and Winston J. Lindsley. The Center has been taking the lead in developing and promoting VAST. Under the guidance of Darlene and in coordination with SpeakinMotion, the SCC has been organizing VAST groups since April 2009. These groups have resulted in success stories of group members, such as Donna Gabriel’s toast at her son’s wedding and Mary Ross’ commencement speech at Gallaudet University.

The Snyder Center for Aphasia Life Enhancement (SCALE) was founded in July 2008 and is the Baltimore area’s first dedicated aphasia support and community center. The 5,000 square foot facility was designed by an individual with aphasia and is fully accessible and aphasia friendly. The Center includes an advanced computer lab equipped with technology specifically designed for individuals with aphasia. SCALE’s commitment to being on the cutting edge of technology to improve impaired speech, created a natural partnership with SpeakinMotion. The Center has been instrumental in the development of VAST over the past year. We continue to work together in gaining more attention for VAST by having SCALE members deliver speeches at various events, produced by SpeakinMotion.

Everyone affected by autism will need speech therapy, but not everyone with autism is the same. From its inception, ProActive Speech has been dedicated to helping the special needs community in Northern California. Giving individuals the ability to interact in their environment effectively is essential to a productive, happy life. To that end, therapies span from low tech, animal assisted therapy to high tech, computer based intervention and the latest, iTherapy.

iTherapy is the use of an Apple device in conjunction with a variety of Apps in a therapy environment to meet a goal designed by an IEP team. The current result of the synergy between ProActive Speech and SpeakinMotion is the VAST-Autism Core iPhone/iPad app. Using the app with children on the autism spectrum has resulted in consistently positive outcomes and is an essential component in the therapy environment. The growing number of success stories is nothing short of miraculous.

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